About Us


Each and every one of our candles is handcrafted from start to finish, from the cut of the bottles to the scent we mix into the wax, to our labels’ design & production, and consider the end product to be a wholly unique, quirky yet high quality, whimsical experience steeped in synesthesia.

Rather than toss these out, we found that each 'wonky' jar was one-of-a-kind, and decided that there was no functional reason to toss them out, but every aesthetic reason to keep and appreciate them as their own piece. We think that's part of the charm, that each candle is completely unique, and as much time goes into re-purposing the jar as making the candle that goes into it.


We collect our bottles from the community around us, and from there we cut the bottles, sand them so that they’re smooth to touch. Then, we pour in a mix of soy wax and essential oils into the jars, print out our labels—and that’s how Wonky Wicks are made!