Collection: Ali's Favorites

Sun Salutation is my go-to, but there are specific situations where specific candles are needed:

Staple scents:

Earth Tones- This is the scent I usually end up picking for gifts, especially if I'm not too sure about someone's scent preferences. I think it's got a bright disposition, it's clean smelling and fresh, and it's doubtful that there's any human on earth that specifically hates the smell of limes. Personally, I like to use this candle in the living room, kitchen, or other open communal spaces.

Sun Salutation- Not only is this candle my favorite, it seems to be the favorite. Every store it's in, every market it goes to, Sun Salutation catches people's attention, and is consistently the candle people says "smells like the spa". This is my room candle. Specifically, my clean room candle. At this point it might just be due to association, but there's no better feeling than folded clothes, vacuumed floor, watered plants, classic rock, and a mixture of sage, rosemary, and citrus in every breath.

Specialty scent:

London Fog- if it's raining, foggy, gray, or otherwise gross outside this is what I've got going for the day. It's cozy and warm and nostalgic. The only reason it's not actually my #1 is because it is kinda weird to burn London Fog in the summer, honestly. It's already so warming that lighting it on a hot summer day ends up making the space stuffy. For that reason, it's not generally available in the warmer months. If you like it, stock up in winter! 

Limited edition:

Love Birds- Cardamom has one of the best aromatic profiles of all essential oils, objectively, and this it the one scent it's used in. It's decadent-- floral, sweet, and some warm, balsamic spice. Thing is-- it's only available around Valentine's Day, so I'm terribly sorry if you're seeing this is June, but February will eventually roll around again