Phoenix Ash

PHOENIX ASH - smoky - invigorating - cool

Ideal for- 

Batch # 21

Ingredients: black pepper - lemon - eucalyptus - sage - rosemary - texas cedarwood - spearmint - peppermint - cassia - lime - fir

The Phoenix is a mythical bird that combusts into flames and rises from the ashes—it symbolizes rebirth, and new beginnings that are simultaneously endings. With a base of black pepper, a fusion of mints, and woody notes, Phoenix Ash is smoky, fresh, and uplifting.

Phoenix Ash was inspired by campfire season. Having the fire outdoors, surrounded by fresh air makes the wood smell different than when it’s lit in a fireplace. It’s still smoky, but instead of being warm and sawdusty, there’s still a freshness and a coolness to a bonfire. Black pepper is the main ingredient, but paired with lemon and eucalyptus, it’s suddenly more light, cool. This scent more than any other is a juxtaposition: it’s smoky, but fresh.

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