Creature Comforts: Behind the Scent

Creature Comforts: Behind the Scent

CREATURE COMFORTS - warm - fresh - grounding

Ideal for- coffee lovers, movie night

Batch #12

Ingredients: coffee - eucalyptus - cedarwood - bergamot - lavender - fir - nutmeg - spearmint - cypress

The warmth of coffee, the freshness of eucalyptus, and soothing notes of lavender make for a candle that’s made for all your creature comforts. 

Originally named “Abuelo”, Creature Comforts was one of our first scents, so unlike many of the others that serve more of a purpose (Early Bird, Field of Dreams), Creature Comforts is purely aesthetic. It gets its name for being made up mostly of scents people generally find comforting: lavender, eucalyptus, coffee. What’s interesting is that coffee, as a drink, is stimulating, energizing. But as a scent, it’s warm and inviting, even relaxing.

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